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Information on FLEX

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The California Desert Association of REALTORS® and the Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS® are working together to bring agents one single valley-wide MLS system. This new system will be everything that has been requested, with one system for the entire valley and features including sequential listing numbers, a robust interface, and many more features.

updatedflexparallel 01

As the live date for FLEX is now Monday, September 16th, we wanted to provide you with an updated schedule for rollout, including new parallel period dates and other important items to keep in mind.

• FLEX MLS and Rapattoni Parallel Period: Monday, August 26th

The MLS parallel period will resume once again on Monday, August 26th. While you still have access to log in to FLEX at this time, the system is not currently updating and is not reflecting current listing data information. You should continue to use Rapattoni for your day-to-day operations up until FLEX's live date of September 16th. Until the parallel period resumes on August 26th, we recommend the following:

     • We recommend that you do not reference the FLEX system currently for information such as using it for listing searches, as listing information is currently not updating.

     • Please refrain from updating contacts and saved searches in the FLEX system, as there will be another contact and saved search data transfer in September (please reference the section below for more information).

When parallel period resumes, the system will once again begin updating regularly. During this period, we ask that you continue to do business as usual in Rapattoni, as you still will not be able to enter in listings in FLEX until the live date.

• Contact and Saved Search Data Transfer - Monday, September 9th

As you might already be aware, during the first parallel period we did a contact and saved search data transfer, where both items were migrated into FLEX from Rapattoni. This data transfer will be done a second time, on Monday, September 9th. But here are a few things you need to keep in mind for this date:

     • The Contact and Saved Search Data Transfer will overwrite any changes made in FLEX. If you have been entering and updating contacts in FLEX, when the transfer happens, anything that is in Rapattoni will overwrite and cancel any changes made in FLEX.

     • We recommend that if you are making changes in FLEX with contacts and saved searches, you make the same changes in Rapattoni. You should also verify that the contacts and saved searches are up to date in Rapattoni.

     • Once the transfer has been made, please make sure to check both your Rapattoni and FLEX accounts to ensure that all contact and saved search data has transferred over properly.

• FLEX MLS Conversion Period: Friday, Sept. 13th - Sunday, Sept. 15th

While you may not realize it, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes with the MLS system changeover. In transferring everything over properly, there will be a period where all data is converted from one system to another. During this conversion period, you will still have access to both FLEX and Rapattoni. However, both systems will essentially be in "Read Only Mode."

"Read Only Mode" means you will not be able to edit anything like listings, contacts, saved searches. The editing functions will be disabled to ensure a smooth transition from one system to another. During this time, you will still be able to perform basic functions like searches and review information on your listings and saved searches, but not be able to alter or change them.

• Official Changeover to FLEX MLS: Monday, September 16th

Starting on September 16th, FLEX MLS will become the primary MLS system for both CDAR and PSRAR. Following this date, you will no longer have access to the Rapattoni MLS system. The primary MLS for both associations will be FLEX, and you will have full access to the system, including entering listings.

As we get closer to conversion, we will continue to update you on everything else you need to be aware of as we make the changeover. We thank you for your patience and your continued support during this process!

fleximportantdates 01

Both the California Desert Association of REALTORS® and the Palm Springs Regional Association of REALTORS® have agreed to change the FLEX MLS live date to Monday, September 16, 2019. While CDAR and FLEX are prepared for this change, our third party vendors have let us know that they will not be ready for the August 5th live date. As we want to ensure that both brokers' and agents' websites work as intended with IDX links when FLEX MLS goes live, we have decided to push back the live date to allow vendors additional time to be ready for this change.

You will continue to use Rapattoni for all of your day-to-day business and operations, including entering listings and updating contact information, until the new go live date.We will update you as we continue along this process, including the rollout schedule, upcoming FLEX trainings, and all other information you will need to know.

We thank you, our members, for your patience and understanding as we make the changeover to the FLEX MLS system as seamless as possible.

flexschedule 01

The upcoming CDAR schedule of FLEX trainings are now available, so we are including the entire slate of both webinar and live trainings, including links to register for each class (some classes may be full). Please remember that the live trainings for July 29-August 2 will cover the basics of FLEX and are identical sessions.

• Listing Maintenance Webinar - July 26, 2019 - 10 AM to 10:45 AM

Join FLEX for this 45 minute webinar that will cover adding and editing listings in FLEX. To register, click on the link here!

• Live FLEX Trainings - August 1, 2019 

Where: CDAR Office (73271 Fred Waring Dr., Palm Desert)

   • Session #1: 10 AM to 11:30 AM (Limit 30 Attendees) - CLASS FULL

   • Session #2: 1 PM to 2:30 PM (Limit 30 Attendees) - CLASS FULL

   • Session #3: 3 PM to 4:30 PM (Limit 30 Attendees) - CLASS FULL

• Live FLEX Trainings - August 2, 2019 

Where: Palm Desert Library (73300 Fred Waring Dr., Palm Desert)

   • Session #1: 10:30 AM to Noon (Limit 75 Attendees) - CLASS FULL

   • Session #2: 1 PM to 2:30 PM (Limit 75 Attendees) - Register Here!

   • Session #3: 3 PM to 4:30 PM (Limit 75 Attendees) - Register Here!

• Contact Management Webinar - August 14, 2019 - 10 AM to 11 AM

Join FLEX and learn how to set up subscriptions, invite contacts to use the portal, and track contact activity. This class will cover these functions in FLEX. To register, click on the link here!

• CMAs Webinar - August 15, 2019 - 10 AM to 11 AM

Join FLEX for this 60 minute webinar that will cover the Full CMA, Quick CMA, Statistical CMA, Fannie Mae 1004MC, One Line CMA, and more!  To register, click on the link here!

Remember to click on the links above to register for these training sessions! 

introtoflex 01

One of the first questions we are asked is, "Why are we making the change to the FLEX system?" Quite simply, there were many reasons we made the change, but we're going to give you eight important ones why.

1. The Most Innovative Products. The FLEX MLS system has over 40 years of delivering future-focused real estate technology that helps real estate professionals meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. FBS was the first (and still only) MLS technology vendor to provide a suite of native designed mobile products, empowering you to access everything you need on-the-go via your mobile device.

2. An Experienced and Caring Support Team. Within the team of support professionals, the top five tenured staff members bring over 100 years of technical support experience to the table to best serve you.

3. They Listen. Listening to input from software users is paramount to any software development process. They have a dedicated User Research Team whose sole purpose is to get detailed feedback from real estate professionals to help build and design software that solves real problems efficiently.

4. A Vision for the Future. They believe in the valuable role of the real estate professional. Through constant product innovation, industry leadership, and a platform built for growth, they convey a powerful vision for building on the value of the real estate professional well into the future.

5. Built on Awesome Technology. The FLEX MLS system was designed with real estate professionals in mind. The powerful technology behind the scenes means that you won't experience interruptions for updates or system changes. You'll just experience the latest and greatest each time you log in.

6. Impressive Uptime and Solid Performance. Staying connected is vital for you, and the FLEX MLS system boasts excellent uptime performance. Their multi-decade track record of keeping MLS customers happy is a big reason we chose it.

7. The Very Best in Mobile MLS with NO Sacrifices. With mobile apps for you and your clients, and the most powerful mobile web platform industry-wide, FLEX MLS mobile ensures your productivity and collaboration with clients anytime and anywhere. You'll enjoy 100% continuity between desktop and mobile.

8. Customization Galore. As the name suggests, FLEX MLS is just that: flexible. It affords true customization options so you can configure to your heart's desire, or just leave it as is. The folks at FLEX created this platform to truly serve the needs of local experts, and we're confident you'll enjoy the features and functions you'll soon receive that will make life easier and more fun.

howtoviewflex 01

There are many other reasons why we ended up with the FLEX MLS system, but we won't bore you with any more details and we know the other question you've been asking is "How can I see FLEX and see what it's all about?" If you're itching to get acquainted with the system, there are currently two ways to go about this.

1. Single Sign On. You can view the FLEX system through our Single Sign On option with the Pasadena Foothills AOR. Log into your Rapattoni MLS account and make your way to the welcome screen. Under the Single Sign On box, you will see a button for the Pasadena Foothills AOR. You can click on that to get into the FLEX system. You can only do basic tasks, such as search, but you cannot enter any listings. This will give you a general idea about what the FLEX system entails.

2. Info Through FLEX. You can click here for an overview of the FLEX system directly through FLEX's website. This is only videos and informational; it does not give you any sort of access to the MLS like the above option, but it will give you an idea of what to expect and a few things we may not have discussed.

We hope that we've answered a few of your questions about the upcoming change to the FLEX MLS system. Again, we thank you for patience during this process, and more information will be sent to you as we lead up to the launch date. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our MLS department and we will answer them as best as possible.

introductiontoflexmobile 01

It’s no secret that mobile devices have taken over. A priority in making the move to FLEX MLS was ensuring that you have the most modern and powerful mobile tools on the market to satisfy the needs of your clients efficiently. We’re super excited about what FLEX MLS mobile delivers!

The FLEX MLS System is the only MLS System to provide native mobile apps. What does that mean? The apps were designed by FBS on the FLEX MLS technology backbone, the Spark API, not by a third party app Developer. Because of that, they mirror the experience on FLEX MLS desktop. You won’t have to learn another interface or deal with a clunky app that doesn’t give you everything you need and expect from your MLS system to get the job done.

With the FLEX MLS Pro app, you have 100% continuity with FLEX MLS Web: the most powerful mobile MLS at your fingertips - no sacrifices. From anywhere, you can maintain listing data in real-time and access your saved searches, search templates, contacts, subscriptions, and portals.

FLEX MLS on the mobile web is just as powerful and complete as the mobile app, so regardless of what device you’re on, you’ll access data in real-time and be capable of delivering everything necessary to your clients. Oh, and there’s a client app too!

Additionally, you will be able to:

• Search nearby to your current location, MLS#, or draw a custom search area on the map

• Search ALL fields in any property type OR multiple property types

• Add new contacts and save searches

• Search by typing or speaking listing information, agent names, etc.

• Identify the most active contacts you have at-a-glance and then drill down to get a better idea of what they’re looking at online

We are so excited to level-up your mobile MLS experience with FLEX MLS! There’s still more to come, so stay tuned as we continue to keep you informed about the move to FLEX MLS.

introductiontoflexsupport 01

We want to emphasize that you’ll receive ample and substantial training and education to get you up and running in FLEX MLS. Another key reason we decided to move to FLEX MLS was the dedication that they have to ongoing education for software subscribers. We were able to hear other industry leaders share their stories about FLEX MLS conversions and training too, which helped us make our decision. Because the system is so robust and feature-rich, they don’t stop after the initial changeover.

In addition to initial onsite training, FLEX MLS provides ongoing webinars and a wealth of online tools and resources, so regardless of your level of knowledge, you can jump in and get what you need to get your job done. From awesome tutorial videos to scroll-over help within the system, you will have what you need to learn FLEX MLS and master it to your heart’s desire.

Finally, not to be missed is the support that you will have access to in times of need. The FLEX MLS Support team is well known throughout the industry as gold standard. We look forward to providing you with that kind of help when you need it, so you can stress less and serve your clients efficiently.

flexmlsteam 01

Now that you’re starting to get an idea of how awesome the move to FLEX MLS is going to be for you and your business, we’d like to invite you to (virtually) meet the FLEX team and learn a little more about their history within the real estate industry. With roots as deep as printing hard copy real estate listing books, they know a thing or two about the MLS and its value to Agents and Brokers.

Take a few minutes to learn about our friends at FBS: the employee-owners behind the product.

flexmlsfaq 01

As we lead up to the rollout of the FLEX MLS system, we wanted to answer some of the more frequently asked questions, with answers provided directly from FLEX themselves! Here are a few to get you started.

Q. What are some things I can expect from the FLEX system?

A. There will be many options available at your fingertips, but some of the more common items you'll find in the FLEX system (some that you may not be aware of) will be there, even if you don't realize it! Such as..

Higher photo quality. You will be able to upload all of your photos at once. The photo uploader will allow for higher resolutions, and can upload photos up to a maximum size of 15 MB.

Consistent mobile and desktop experiences. No longer will you have to worry about having to learn two separate interfaces. But the mobile experience doesn't stop there. You'll be able to create a custom search template and access it from your phone, and share listings via text message.

Unlimited search results. Tired of having a limit put on the number of search results found? No longer will there be restrictions; search limitless until you're content!

A faster and speedier MLS system. A faster MLS means faster, well...everything!

These are just a few of the things you can expect with the changeover to FLEX.

Q. How do I connect my contact to a saved search and setup an auto e-mail?

A. We wanted to give you a taste of what to expect with FLEX with this quick walkthrough on a common question (with screenshots to help you get an idea of how to navigate through).

To connect your contact to a saved search, you will do so after reviewing the saved search. Click contact management and select the contact you want to work with.


Select "Searches/Subscriptions" and then click "Add."


Select the saved search and click "Attach Searches."


To set up an Auto E-mail (which FLEX MLS calls a "Subscription"), click "Add a Subscription."


Select recipients, schedule, and a default message. Then click Save.


An opt-in request will immediately be sent to your client. It will look like this.


Q. What will searching be like in the FLEX system?

A. You will be able to use the search functionality to quickly find information about listings, contacts, members, and more. Let's start with the List tab.


One of your main screens will be the List tab, or the search results page. When you are viewing search results, the List tab displays the results in a list. Listing fields are displayed in columns. Choose a view to determine which columns you want to see. You can also adjust the font size for listing information by clicking on the plus and minus buttons next to the Sort drop-down.


The List tab displays all listings in an "infinite grid." Once the search results load, you can just keep scrolling down to see more listings. There are no page buttons to navigate through multiple pages of listings. You can jump to a point in the list by typing a number in the selection box at the top of the page.


The Results section of the link bar will show the number of search results that match the current search.



Next to each listing is a checkbox where you can select the listing to set it aside for further action. To select up to 200 listings at a time, click the checkbox at the top of the column. Click this box again to deselect all listings.


The number of selected listings is displayed on the Selected section of the link bar. Click Selected to view the selected listings. To return to the full list of search results, click Results.

During a search session, selected listings will remain in the search results, regardless of how you edit the search criteria. If you navigate away from the search results page, your selections will be lost unless you save the listings to a listing collection by clicking Save and choosing Save Selected As.


Sort by any visible column by clicking the column heading. You can sort the results in ascending or descending order.

Set up a customized sort using any columns by clicking Sort. You can choose from a list of saved sorts or click Edit Sort to open the Change Saved Sort page.


A view is a defined set of columns that determines which listing information is displayed in the search results. Select a different view by clicking on the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Search Results page.

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